Amazon's Growth Is Fueling the Need for Over 50,000 New Employees
With one of the most recognizable names in the business, Amazon is known around the world as a juggernaut in the arena of online retailing. Based in Seattle, Washington, they are steadily growing the membership in their Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping and a number of other benefits to members. Amazon has also released product innovations into the marketplace. Alexa, which is a popular personal digital assistant is taking the world by storm, and the Echo and Dot are a couple other innovative products they are known for. Shipping millions of orders a day to consumers around the globe, Amazon is hiring over 50,000 employees to help in the preparation of these orders. At a minimum, 80 percent of these jobs will be full-time positions, and Amazon also has approximately 10,000 part-time employees staffing service centers around the United States. 

The company held an “Amazon Jobs Day” in early August to get the hiring process started. To help potential employees learn more about Amazon and their prospective jobs, they held interviews at their fulfillment centers around the country. They have hired and are continuing to hire managers, IT specialists, HR representatives and for a variety of other positions. They offered jobs to thousands of applicants on this initial hiring day, which was to be the largest hiring day of the year.  

Amazon has a lot to offer prospective employees. In addition to benefits such as disability, health insurance, and retirement savings plans, they offer company stock and competitive pay in their industry. Beyond their initial target of 50,000 hires, Amazon plans to have over 100,000 new full-time employees throughout the United States by the middle of 2018. Should they reach this target, they'll be employing over 280,000 people throughout the country. 

Amazon is experiencing such tremendous growth that they exceeded 350,000 employees worldwide in April. This 43 percent increase over that same period in the previous year is why they need to hire more workers for data science, customer service, software engineering and warehouse work. Amazon's growth is exceeding that of rivals such as Google and Microsoft. Their unprecedented global growth is fueling a need for people in various fields and offering numerous career opportunities for American workers.  

Amazon is on target to maintain their top spot in online sales in the United States and around the world. Their CFO, Brian Olsavsky, has said that the number of new workers required is in line with the ever-increasing fulfillment activity that the company needs to reach in order to meet increasing demand. In addition to having to fulfill an incredible number of orders for a wide array of products, their own Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Web Services units are growing by leaps and bounds and requiring more employees for fulfillment. All of this growth requires an expansion of their transportation logistics network as well. 

An analysis in 2016 of Amazon's various offices and centers around the country found that there was significant growth in their facilities in the Southern and Midwestern U.S. as well as their Seattle headquarters. They continue growing as online sales grow, and there seems to be no end in sight. Their ever-expanding workforce is needed to serve their expanding customer base. Amazon is also known for providing an exceptional workplace for employees, which is only helping to propel their growth. A report by The Glassdoor has found that software development is a big driver of new jobs in their Seattle location. Growth and employment prospects continue to look exceptionally good for Amazon in the near future, and these opportunities are available around the country. 

The first “Amazon Jobs Day” event was held at ten of their fulfillment centers around the United States. Future events such as these are also slated to include fulfillment centers in Oklahoma and Buffalo. The following centers are where hiring events have already been held:

  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Whitestown, Indiana

  • Etna, Ohio

  • Romeoville, Illinois

  • Robbinsville, New Jersey

  • Hebron, Kentucky

  • Fall River, Massachusetts

  • Kenosha, Wisconsin

  • Kent, Washington

Amazon hiring events have a dress code. Applicants must ensure their beards are trimmed and that their hair is tied back and closed-heeled shoes are required. For safety reasons, excessive jewelry is not allowed.