Apply to Appen and Get Paid For Social Media Posting

When it comes to work-from-home leads, we like to be able to give our readers some solid advice and information. Recently, one of our readers reached out to tell us a little about a company was known as Appen. This person mentioned that it's a pretty great company and, even better, they're currently looking for workers. We were intrigued, so we did a little digging.

What Does Appen Do?

In short, Appen works behind the scenes. They're the type of company that uses their skills to assist other companies in expansion projects. These sorts of businesses include e-commerce and tech companies, and Appen's goal is to make their client's markets global.

For example, their website statement will tell you that they are able to perform tasks in over 150 languages. This huge volume of communication talent is thanks in part to a network of employees that spans the globe. Both national and international virtual team members cooperate with one another to make sure programs, products, and technological applications are available in as many languages as possible. 

If all of that sounds very involved, it is. But the good news here is twofold: there are several jobs available, and all of those jobs are work-from-home positions.

On Appen's job page, they tell visitors that their opportunities to work from home are flexible and exciting, with both short-term and full-time positions available to interested parties. Even if you haven't heard of Appen before now, they've made Forbes' Top 100 list of companies offering flexible jobs several years in a row, 2017 included.

What Types of Jobs Does Appen Offer?

Appen's primary areas of expertise are in the fields of social technology, language tech, crowdsourcing, project management, and search fields. As of now, Appen has a need for what they call 'social media evaluators,' which also happens to be a great starting position for most people. 

There are opportunities for advancement within Appen, too. If you work for them long enough and do a good job, managers will likely pass jobs straight to you instead of posting them online through the regular channels. Most of these jobs are for web search evaluation and crowdsourcing.

Additional Info on Social Media Evaluation Jobs

If you enjoy using social media sites and are active on any of the most popular ones, Appen is willing to pay you for your time. Of course, that doesn't mean the company pays people simply to scroll through newsfeeds and tag people in cute videos or funny photos. However, you will still find these experiences useful in your new job, as you'll work toward improving newsfeeds for various clients. 

Some familiarity with social media and how it works is required, including popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Appen also needs its employees to be good at following directions as they work independently, and for them to have a good grasp of the English language.

You'll need a few other things before you start working for Appen, too. For one, you'll need a smartphone, laptop, or desktop that is less than three years old with access to high-speed internet. You'll have to commit to a minimum of flexible hours per day, usually between one and four total. The expectation will be that you work five days a week but possibly seven on occasion, logging up to 20 hours in total. You'll be listed and paid as a contractor, taking jobs as they become available.

The reader that contacted us really enjoys the flexibility of the work. She's able to work one hour per day, taking breaks whenever she needs to so long as she completes the project by day's end. You may find using a stopwatch to be helpful in keeping track of time. 

The pay will vary according to the scale of the project you're working on, but our contact makes close to $14 for one hour of work. Appen contractors are paid on a monthly basis by direct deposit.

Applying at Appen

To apply for social media jobs, simply go to Appen's Job Search page and check out the menu on the left side, which lists all available positions. Appen's job page also includes listings for international jobs.