Top 10 Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

A common misconception is that a bachelor's degree is required for financial success.  We see this based upon the historical earnings figures for high school graduates over 25 years old vs a college graduate with Bachelors.  The college graduate makes approximately double that of the nation graduate ($30k vs $50k per year).  Of course, those without a degree aren't buried under student debts. 


Below, please find 10 thriving careers that you can pursue without an education.  The occupations we have identified offer salaries and job security.  These occupations aren't at risk of being moved overseas or downsized.  Many, you can control your own destiny.  


Society has led individuals to believe that attaining success without a college degree is an unfathomable goal. However, quite a few positions exist that people can obtain without going through a traditional college-degree program at all.


Dental Assistant

While training is required to work in this healthcare field, you do not need to attend a university. With varying requirements by state, finding out the specifics of the location where you want to work is key. Consider different sub areas of dentistry, such as an orthodontist's office.



Obtaining certification and going through the proper training is necessary as this field can be a dangerous, or even fatal, one. However, you can start on the road to opening your own practice one day without obtaining a college degree.



Plumbing is another field that's never heading out of style. Some plumbers work for companies that already exist in the community, and others start their own practice. Generally, you'll need a flexible schedule since plumbing issues happen all days of the week.


Construction Worker

The field of construction has an array of different job opportunities. For example, you might direct job sites for new constructions in town, or you might work as a brick mason who primarily specializes in the floor and siding of houses.


Massage Therapist

If you've ever dreamed of helping people to calm down and relax after a long day at work, or when they have some spare time on the weekends, entering into this field and obtain a certificate to become a masseuse is a smart decision.


Elevator Installer

All different types of buildings need to have elevators installed in them, especially as the recognition for accessible structures grows. Also, when you enter into this field, you might find yourself making close to six figures one day.


Daycare Assistant

Perhaps when you were younger, you had dreams of becoming a teacher, but those dreams did not come into fruition for one reason or another. Choosing to work as a daycare assistant means that you can still work with kids.



Think of all the different things that you see made out of wood each day. Put those skills from 11th-grade shop class to good use, and find your voice in the field of carpentry.


Computer User Support Specialist

As a generation of individuals who have grown up with computers are entering into the workforce, these positions are growing more popular and expected. You can assist both individuals and companies with their computer woes.


Medical Billing

A number of individuals have chosen to go into the field of medical billing because these jobs are available all across the country as health care is a necessity.


When you don't have a degree, don't feel stuck in a rut.  There are still many options available to you.